About Me

Hi! my friend.


My goal is to make the tax law understandable. By studying the complexity of it and taking what is important or applicable to most of my clients and then walla! Now you know what to do.

This saves time and,...yes money for you and your business. That is why I been working on making videos to provide tax tips, but once I started it, then I realized how much efforts really it takes. So its in the works.

Anyway, I moved from Chicago in May 23, 2004 to be closer to the family and I haven't regret it since. Another reason, I am a tropical bird so the cold had to be history. 

I have been married for 22 years,...wow! That is a long time.  Despite the fact that my husband and son are imperfect, I do recognize that they are wonderful, delightful, fantastic, and altogether awesome.  What can I say, I am very proud of them. (Except the moments when I wouldn't mind if they lived in another part of the planet,...just kidding) 

I worked with people's money,...and their hearts for many of them,...for over 19 years, in the bank and as an Enrolled Agent. just in case you wonder what in the world is an Enrolled Agent, and EA is a person who studies the law of taxation to represent taxpayers anywhere in the United States. Since the tax law changes every year, lots of continuing education, and... lots of money is invested behind the scenes to keep that enrollment alive, but it is worth it.  Actually after a 12 hour exam, "EA Enrollment" is the highest recognition the IRS provides. So I am happy with it for now.

To that, I add seminars to help me further my knowledge to assist people to be successful in their business. I believe Knowledge is 1st, then love. Otherwise we will be like that picture I saw of a little girl hugging an agonizing fish saying "we will now be best friends because I rescued you form drawing"  

I have written goals and I know where I am going.
 I believe that is a priority for any human being. You must have the address of  where you are going. If you don't get to the house, at least you can arrive to the city. 

I hate religion, but I love Jesus. I believe God is a government, not a religion.That is why I believe that in the long run is cheaper to just do what is right. That's just me.

I value my time as gold, I have much I need to accomplished and I hope I am around long enough on earth to get it done.  Regardless of, I am enjoying the journey. That is what is about anyway right?. 

That is why I also value your time because I believe you also have a mission, a dream, a purpose in the form of a business and I want to do everything possible to guide you, so your effort don't go in vain due to penalties or unnecessary federal tax. I hope to make your journey easier, and more peaceful.