Spending too much time on Payroll?
                Worry about IRS penalties?
            Paying a lot for Payroll Services?

1. Just sign in to:

2. Enter hours to pay employees

      3.  File payroll taxes electronically as needed

Support for wide range of pay types;

•Sick, vacation, and holiday pay accruals
•Federal, state, and local tax calculations
•Voluntary deductions calculations
•Direct deposit with detail pay stubs
•Secure online employee access to pay stubs
•Plain - language detailed report so you always
  have the big picture at your fingertips.
•100% accuracy guarantee
•Access "SAFE Payroll" from anywhere in the
  world where there is internet
•Federal tax deposits
•Quarterly 941's
•Annual 940's and 944's
•Employee W2's
•State tax deposits
•Quarterly state tax forms
•Annual state tax forms
•All returns can be fill automatically

                 Payroll tax returns will be created                             automatically. All you need to do is 
                                    click "Send". 
                         Simply,..."Peace of Mind"